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Recent accomplishments should be something you should be proud of, so why are you feeling so glum? If you're afraid of making other people jealous, let it go. You can't live your life according to how you may or may not make someone else feel.

It's not wrong of you to feel like shouting from the rooftops 'I'm great at what I do!' so do it!  The naysayers aren't going to argue with you, they can't given the body of your accomplished work. And if someone gets on your case and is nasty with you, that's their problem, not yours.
These nasty naysayers just want to control you.  You're a hot commodity, an endless resource to be tapped into and controlled as they try to climb the ladder od success. But some thing they never count on is your unpredictable personality.

2 Comment(s):
Chris said...
You're very welcome :-)
February 29, 2016 04:06:15 PM
Earthangel said...
Just what I needed reminding of. I was indeed grappling with keeping my awesome news to myself. Thanks :-)
February 24, 2016 08:05:56 AM
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